Will Block


 Show Theatre
 As You Like It Lions Pride Players
 Macbeth Lions Pride Players


 School Years
 OSF Summer Seminar for High School Juniors 2012-2013
 B.A. UCLA School of Theatre, Film, Television 2013-2017


 Character Play Theatre Director
 Julio Double Falsehood UCLA TFT Paul Wagar
 Hally Master Harold...and the boys Sac Theatre Co. Buddy Butler
 Leading Player Pippin STC YPC Michael R.J. Campbell
 Brutus Julius Caesar  STC YPC Christine Nicholson
 Grumio Taming of the ShrewSac. Shakespeare Festival  Christine Nicholson
 Proteus  Two Gentlemen of Verona STC YPC Greg Alexander/Sarah Elsner
 Apprentice Scrooge A Christmas Carol Sac Theatre Co. Michael Laun
 Stage Manager Our Town STC YPC Greg Alexander
 Puck A Midsummer Night's DreamSac Shakespeare Festival  David Harris
 Don Pedro Much Ado About Nothing STC YPC Matt Miller
 Jim HawkinsTreasure Island Sac Theatre Co. Peggy Shannon

Special Skills

Proficient in Standard British, Cockney, Irish, Scottish, and Afrikaaner dialect.

Experience with Short sword, rapier, dagger, shovel, trowel, and basic hand to hand combat